Microsoft Office 365 products

As a direct CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) partner of Microsoft, Cloud4com offers complete range of online Microsoft services

  • Services based on licenses (Office 365, Dynamics CRM, PowerBI, Project Online …)
  • Azure Services in the CSP program

Offer Office 365

Under the CSP program we offer these Office 365 plans:

Offer Office 365Along with the standard Office 365 plan, you also get support for the implementation and configuration.

For more information please contact your Cloud4com sales representative.

The usage of Office 365 licenses in Cloud4com data centers: 

Shared Computer Activation (SCA) for Office 365 ProPlus

In September 2014, Microsoft made available Shared Computer Activation mode (SCA) for Office 365. This allows multiple Office 365 ProPlus users to share the same device in the following three environments:

  • Own hosted solution (on-premise)
  • Hosted solutions of third party (Cloud4com data centers)
  • Windows Azure

Which versions of Office support Shared Computer Activation? 

Shared Computer Activation can be used for plans Office 365, which include Office 365 ProPlus (ProPlus, E3, E5).

Benefits of Shared Computer Activation for Office 365 ProPlus

The main advantage of using SCA for Office 365 ProPlus is its greater flexibility. SCA allows usage of current licenses for Office 365 ProPlus for cloud technologies. In case of using licenses for Office 365 in SCA mode, the possibility to use them on 5+5+5 devices for each user still applies.

Customers have the choice of deploying their licenses to Office 365 ProPlus in their own (on-premise) environment or in Cloud4com datacenter, which is authorized SCA partner. 

Cloud4com a.s. as an authorized SCA partner for Office 365 ProPlus offers management and administration of Office 365 licenses as well as both sale and deployment to Cloud4com datacenters.

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Contact your Cloud4com sales representative for more information about the benefits of SCA.

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