Virtualization of desktops cuts costs on running and managing a distributed IT environment, in which applications run at the end stations. Another advantage is a higher safety of the company data. All data can be centralized and backed-up in a private virtual data center and doesn’t need to be saved in the end stations. Desktop virtualization also offers the option of setting cheaper thin client instead of current working stations.

Virtualization of desktops or applications connected with Private virtual data center service therefore makes even much bigger sense for the user than ever before. The administrator has full control over central administration of desktops and applications, it enhances the quality of service availability and eliminates natural error rate of the distributed model, in which the user alone can unintentionally foul the application or operational system up. As for the safety, communication between clients and central data center is of course encrypted at the level of access protocol. The same guard is used also for access from the public Internet.


We offer 2 solutions in the field of desktop virtualization:

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services of Windows Server 2008/2012 system offer virtualization of desktops and applications in a data center.

Each user has his own virtual desktop created at a terminal server in the data center, which he accesses either through RDP client or web interface. The RDP client is available for following platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux; and mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile. The user therefore can login from any of the platforms to his desktop and only “screens” of his desktop placed at the data center on a terminal server are transmitted. This principle is proper concerning the data line demands (only the “screens”, not files are transmitted between the client and the server) and also the safety, as the data is saved from virtual desktops straight to the server in a data center, where it is also backed-up.

Virtual desktops can be started from local PCs and also from dedicated thin clients. Nonetheless, after starting the virtual desktop, it is still possible to print from the local printers or to use local USB devices, DVD mechanics or local storages.

Another major option is taking advantage of RemoteApps. This characteristic allows defining an application on a terminal server and further distributing this application to clients’ stations. They then send only the chosen application through (without necessity of login in to the virtual desktop) and work with it as if it were installed locally at the workstation. But the application runs on the terminal server and therefore uses its output and also sources within the data center.


VMware View

VMware View offers the option of virtualization of users’ desktop in the data center. 

Each user has his own virtual desktop created, placed in the data center, which he accesses through View Client application. This application then connects to the data center on View Manager component, which is responsible for administration and delivering the virtual desktops. Clients’ application, View Client, is available for the following platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu Linux; and mobile platforms: iOS and Android.

To create individual virtual desktops is very efficient when using View Composer component, which ensures creating and administration of an original template for each virtual desktop and then cloning it to new desktops. This lowers the requirements on size of new desktops and simplifies the administration and actualization of the desktops created from this template.

Using ThinApp component, it is possible to “pack” individual applications into EXE files that run separately from each other and at the same time they are isolated from the operational system. Therefore they run on the end devices without any conflicts. Then it is possible to distribute these applications to individual physical or virtual desktops.

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