The core business of Cloud4com is providing data center infrastructure as a service – IaaS (“Infrastructure as a Service”). This service means the customer only rents the data center infrastructure and pays only for its real usage.

Business IT is usually run on servers with certain operation system these days. Most companies use servers placed in their own data center (server room) for running the IT infrastructure. The data is stored either right on local server disks or on a shared disk storage (disk array) which ensures better accessibility, security and flexibility. It is all connected in a network using LAN ethernet and a dedicated network for data storage (SAN, NAS).

If the infrastructure outgrows some limits, the costs of running and managing such datacenter grow. Therefore most IT managers watch total amounts spent on buying, running and managing a data center very closely and consider alternative solutions to using such services.

Cloud4com company runs business IT infrastructure in a professional data center and while using the most modern technologies of virtualization, the company is able to divide, secure, operate and rent this infrastructure to individual customers. Therefore these customers can run their own operation systems with specific business applications within this infrastructure.

A virtual data center provided as a service has exactly given performance parameters and  SLA (Service Level Agreement), describing guaranteed service availability up to 99.999 %, that means the maximal time of failure can’t exceed 5.2 minutes per year.

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