Product of „vBackup DRM“ type ensure backing-up of virtual servers with help of backing-up software VMware Data Recovery Manager, which enables fast disk back-ups and virtual servers recovery.

VMware Data Recovery Manager creates one full back-up and then according to Recovery Point Objective set it creates other incremental changes that significantly reduce backing-up window. VMware Data Recovery Manager uses disk deduplication for optimalization of the disk capacity necessary for saving the back-up. It is possible to recover the whole system as well as separate files.

VMware Data Recovery Manager supports VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to ensure consistent back-ups of virtual servers in which operating systems and applications from Microsoft are run.


  • vBackup-DRM-RPO24h-RET30
  • vBackup-DRM-RPO24h-RET365
  • vBackup-DRM-RPO24h-RET1095
  • vBackup-DRM-RPO24h-RET1825
  • vBackup-DRM-RPO1w-RET30
  • vBackup-DRM-RPO1w-RET365
  • vBackup-DRM-RPO1w-RET1095
  • vBackup-DRM-RPO1w-RET1825


Parameter RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is the maximal guaranteed time of last data back-up that is granted to be able to get back to in case of necessity. Parameter RET (retention) is time for which every single back-up is kept (from 30 days to 5 years).

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