Network products ensure network services of a virtual data center.

Basic product is vLAN, which defines a virtual local area network (802.1q) defined on a physical CISCO Nexus or Catalyst switch and propagated to the virtual infrastructure using VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch. Virtual local area networks operate at the L2 of the ISO/OSI network model and serve for basic interconnection of vServers and other objects which work at the higher network layers.

At L3 vRouters provide the required filtration of every vPDC from the external environment and a connection point for VPN encrypted tunnels from remote branches and mobile workers. Cloud4com offers block of IPv4 addresses for vRouter product as follows: 

Local ISP:
  • local ISP provides IPv4 addresses only
  • these addresses are available for use in a single DC location only
  • these addresses are not transferable
Cloud4com ISP:
  • provides IPv4 as well as IPv6 addresses
  • these addresses are not location bound and can be used in all available DC locations - IP routes can be set in Virtix
  • public addresses routed using BGP protocol - use of own network device, physical or virtual, is possible in this scenario
The virtual load balancer (vBalancer) is a device that allows load balancing among multiple servers hence ensuring and improving application availability and performance scaling. The device allows balancing of HTTP and HTTPS traffic. This device is under the Cloud4com management.
  • Regular health check of server backend - HTTP 200 test
  • Service description page with actual traffic
  • Remote monitoring
  • Optional: backend persistence with HTTP Cookie
  • Optional: SSL Offload
  • Optional: HTTP to HTTPS redirect
Performance of virtual load balancer depends on bought Internet connectivity and vRouter configuration in vPDC.

The product Internet provides the vPDC connectivity to the public internet. Internet has guaranteed bandwidth at the outbound vPDC interface, which can be a vRouter.

Product Internet provides vPDC connectivity to the public Internet. Following parameters specify this product:
  • Guaranteed bandwidth (CIR – Committed Information Rate) – guaranteed bandwidth in Mbps
  • Maximal bandwidth – maximal bandwidth in Mbps
Maximal bandwidth can be set in a range <CIR; 10x CIR>, i.e. maximal bandwidth can be set to a value equal to guaranteed bandwidth or it can set to a value up to 10-times higher. Available range for guaranteed bandwidth values: 10-1000 Mbps. Available range for maximal bandwidth values: 10-10000 Mbps.
Billing of the product Internet is based on calculation of 95th percentile (in Mbps). Bandwidth is measured during the month in 5 minute intervals – average bandwidth in Mbps is calculated for each 5 minute interval. At the end of the month, the samples are sorted form the highest to the lowest, and the top 5% (which equal to approximately 36 hours) of data is thrown away. The next highest measurement becomes the billable use for the entire month. The 95th percentile is calculated for both the in and out traffic, and higher value is the billable use for that month.
The price is calculated based on following prices and parameters:
  • Price of 1 Mbps of guaranteed bandwidth in CZK – Mbps_CIR
  • Price of 1 Mbps of overusage in CZK – Mbps_Overusage
  • Guaranteed bandwidth in Mbps – CIR
  • Overusage in Mbps – it is a difference between the calculated 95th percentile for that month and the CIR value (if the 95th percentile value is lower than CIR, than Overusage equals to zero).
Billed price of product Internet in CZK = CIR * Mbps_CIR + Overusage * Mbps_Overusage
If the customer sets the Maximal bandwidth value equal to the Guaranteed bandwidth, Mbps_Overusage will always be equal to zero. When calculating the price of the product Internet for a specific month, the highest value of Guaranteed bandwidth set in that month will be used.
vPDC Interconnect product provides network connectivity of Customer’s Virtual Private Data Centers through backbone of Cloud4com. vPDC Interconnect has to be bought for all connected vPDCs. This product specifies the maximum bandwidth on outbound interface of each vPDC and the bandwidth is shared with other customers (best effort).


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