The main philosophy of Cloud4Com solution for IaaS is offering such services that are common in eneterprise solutions and that lower market segment customer can’t reach. The focus is therefore on dependability and variability compared to commodity solutions to providing simple virtual servers that are on the market these days. This approach demands specific software solutions, especially from the end user’s work point of view.

After the registration, the end user has to his use an instrument for configuration and administration of his environment that serves him as:

  • Order system, in which he chooses services from the service catalogue
  • Configuration instrument, which he uses to define his data center environment
  • Interface for partial administration of separate components
  • Access to the virtual server administrators console
  • Interface to the reporting system (on-line reports, SLA charts, technical charts)
  • User management Interface
  • Overview of used components over time including pricing

User interface, as well as most administration interfaces, is drawn as a web application and doesn’t require anything else than a common browser. Software solution is at the same time ready not only for immediate service sale but also for service sale through a partner who to an end customer acts fully like a real service provider – so called whitelabeling. The customer then doesn’t have a commercial relation to Cloud4Com but with the external service provider.


The configuration of the data center environment can be very varied. It contains three main types of products:

  • Disk space in several forms
  • Virtual servers
  • Network elements
  • Software licences

The user interface, like most of the administration interfaces, is designed as a web application and does not require anything beyond the normal browser. The software solution is also prepared not only for the direct sale of services, but also for the sale of services through a partner who fully feels for the end customer as a true service provider so called whitelabeling. The customer does not have a commercial relationship with Cloud4com but with an external service provider.

The system Virtix also permits the delegation of customer rights to its provider so that the service provider can provide superstructure services to provide a managed service over the IaaS service.
Mircosite with all the information about Virtix can be found at
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