• What are the main advantages of Cloud computing?

    • Flexibility and scalability of computing performance, I pay only for the performance I really need
    • High level of automatization, therefore easy administration of the whole environment of virtual private DC
    • Opex spending instead of Capex spending – more accurate expectations
    • Lower risks related to choice of a technology – I buy service with guaranteed parameters and SLA
    • Solution for strategic enterprise such as consolidation of data centers and DR/BC solutions
    • Easy preparation of development and testing environments and their migration to production environment
    • Independence on hardware provider
  • What is the level of security of our data in Cloud environment?

    • Your data is secured at least as well as in the environment of private data center. Security was one of the main priorities when implementing our Cloud computing services, which is visible in all components of our solution’s architecture:
      • Choice of the locality for our technologies and their physical securing.
      • Choice of reliable products, providers and partners
      • Design and implementation of the whole architecture of our solution executed and certified by providers of solution
      • Choice of securing elements for the infrastructure, such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, supervision systems and other components
      • Secured, coded access to applications and services through virtual private networks
      • Choice of virtualization technologies and architectures, which enable us to guarantee secured and reliable isolating of each virtual data center, server and application
      • Choice of technologies for data storage, which enable us to guarantee secured isolating of data of each customer and offers other services such as guaranteed data backing-up and coding
    • Besides that, our company pays special attention to choosing the staff, who must pass demanding conditions concerning their impeccability and reliability. All activities related to managing and controling our services are subject to precisely defined processes and are computerized as much as possible, so that we can prevent also the faults caused by human factor failure.
    • Implementation, management and controlling of our services is designed according to ITIL processes and suggestions
    • When designing the architecture of our solution, the goal was to create an environment which will enable us to run applications under filed certification, such as security standards PCI (Payment Card Industry).
  • How is it guaranteed that our applications are always available?

    • Availability guarantee, or SLA are integral part of our services. We guarantee our customers availability of all services up to 99.999 %, that means the maximal time of failure can’t exceed 5 minutes per year.
    • Our customers can control the availability of their services through tools they have at their hands.
    • To guarantee so high quality of our services, we focused on several main areas when designing and implementing our solution:
      • Choice of the data center for the technologies, its parameters concerning fully redundant power supply, cooling, data connectivity, selfextinguishing systems and other components.
      • Choice of the back-up locality for the back-up components of the solution.
      • Fully redundant architecture of the technical solution, functioning and managemnet of the infrastructure.
      • Configuration and administration of the whole system, its backing-up and documentation of processes connected to solution administration.
      • Choice and schooling of qualified staff.
      • Maximal automatization of processes which leads to minimal risks related to failure of human element.
  • Is it guaranteed that I always have needed technical instruments such as computing capacity available?

    • One of the main advantages of Cloud computing is the fact that the customer pays only for the computing performance he really needs. In case some of his applications needs higher, or even lower computing performance during time, the customer can easily change characteristics of his virtual environment to perfectly fit his needs.
    • Even though the cloud computing environment is in principle a system, in which customers share some components of solution, we guarantee our customers at every single moment their computing performance rented from us is reserved only for them. It is related to precisely defined processes of increasing capacity of our solution based on predication of new customer requests

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