Data center is the heart of IT in every company. Without applications that run in the data center almost none of companies can imagine their longterm existence these days. Stability and availability of the data center is the key aspect for the company’s success.

Data center is a financially demanding thing. The better availabilty and more applications, more dependance and data, the more financially difficult it is to get and run the technologies and applications in a data center. Therefore not everyone can afford a top quality data center.

Our opinion on data center is that it should be available at its top quality to anybody, and for a reasonable charge. The same way like Internet or cell phones are.

That’s why we build our data center using top technologies and through its virtualization we make it available to everybody who’s interested.

Our solution is build on proven technologies that are top in their areas. These technologies cooperate and can be run by several user at the same time, and so can be done securely, with high performance and high availability guaranteed. At the same time these bring economical profit and allow us to offer the solution on attractive conditions.

In data networks and data security areas, we use Cisco technologies and we build networks according to  suggested solutions of this company. Also Storage Area Networks are build on Cisco technology due to its support of virtualization.

In data storage area, we use HDS, whose systems belong to the most efficient and the most comfortable at the market.

We use Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), as our server solution. Especially due to its architecture, support of virtualization, flexibility and low running cost it is ideal for providing services of virtual data centers. UCS is equipped with Intel Xeon 5600 and E5-2600 with Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT). Intel TXT together with HyTrust Appliance provides trusted (Trusted) environment system currently operated on the platform of Intel Xeon E5-2600.

We rely on vSphere technology from VMware in virtualization of servers area.

But a data center is not only about technologies. In our concept, it is mainly about defined usage of these technologies and the cBlocks we build can be called process-administred data centers. We rely on high level of computerization of the processes and try to computerize processes anywhere it makes sense. That is one of the competitive advantages of our data center.

Nevertheless, we do not want to act towards our customers like computers and we do our best to cover demands above standard solutions.

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