Prague data centres are located at TTC Teleport (Prague - Malesice) and DC Tower (Prague - Zizkov) premises, where they are connected to the internet backbone with backed-up connectivity to NIX and abroad.

The data centers have parameters of Tier III+ category and it has multiple backed up supporting systems installed, also accurate airconditioning with compact units and certified self extinguishing system. Technical background of the data centers, which means switch boards, rectifiers, back up batteries and diesel agregators, is located outside of the technological hall in premises with separate entrance. Managing and controlling stations have nonstop operations with high level of security.

Very good connectivity to telco networks is solved with optical connections, in form of two independent inputs to the data centers buildings. Operational organizing of circuits and approach to separate operators‘ services and ISPs are made by PoP access points to the networks of O2, ČRA, DialTelecom, UPC ČR etc.

The vPDC service enables locating a virtual private data centre in the fully secured and air-conditioned collocation centre of Cloud4com and connecting it to the backbone 10 Gb/s network. This ensures excellent data centre availability for the internet as well as for the company data network without any strain on customer’s own internet connection. 
Data Centers Security
Physical security – entrance is allowed only if accompanied by the responsible helpdesk worker, after the identity of the visitor is verified. There are alarm systems, cameras as well as a fire detectors. 
Network security – identification and prevention of a potential DoS attack implemented on the backbone routers, possibility to expand the service with firewall protection, integrity check, data encryption and data backup.
Data encryption – there is data encryption available for specific storage products, that protects the data in case of physical hardware theft. Security is provided by an external key manager service (KMS) maintained by the Cloud4com, which is located in a remote datacentre.
Full redundancy of resources
Full redundancy of all resources is ensured for all important services. WAN is connected to NIX in two locations by two independent lines with a capacity of 10 Gbps each. Connectivity abroad is secured by two independent suppliers of transit IP connectivity with an overall capacity of 40 Gbps. 
LAN network infrastructure is implemented with redundant enterprise routers and CISCO switches (Nexus, Catalyst and ISR).
Physical servers are run on a fully redundant enterprise server system, CISCO UCS (Unified Computing System), with blade servers and the VMware vSphere virtualization layer.
Disk repositories use fully redundant symmetric active / active disk arrays of Hitachi Data Systems.
Power supply is redundant (two power supply branches) and is connected to central power management and monitoring.
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