Veeam Cloud Connect service uses Veeam technology to backup data onto the public cloud.

It’s the simplest and fully integrated solution using backup software Veeam Backup & Replication v 9.5 (and higher). Cloud4com solution provides remote cloud repository which customer easily configures and connects into his environment without any architecture changes, additional licensing, etc. The repository is used for regular backup (based on backup policies) and the saved data can be managed and restored directly from the customer’s Veeam user interface. Cloud Connect service ensures data security. Including data transfers as well as storing the already encrypted data, where encryption keys are fully managed by customer. Cloud Connect configuration is fully integrated into Virtix customer portal.

You can calculate estimated costs for Veeam Cloud Connect service at  

Veeam Cloud Connect Architecture

Veeam Cloud Connect Architecture Veeam Cloud Connect Benefits

  • Your data is encrypted before being sent to the Service provider.
  • You have full control of the encryption keys and encryption process.
  • Bought Backup repository and its capacity are fully assigned to you.
  • You make a choice what actual repository size you need.
  • You can flexibly change the capacity of Backup repository base on requirements.
  • It’s possible to select which virtual machines will be protected with Veeam Cloud Connect.
  • You’re saving costs comparing to traditional solutions of geographically separated backups (specialized services for offsite backups of data tapes; own HW running in separated data centers, etc...)
  • Effective tool to fulfill 3-2-1 approach (min. 3 backups on 2 different media, 1x offsite).
  • Full integration with Virtix customer portal.

How to buy Veeam Cloud Connect or access DEMO?

If you’re interested in Veeam Cloud Connect service, contact us at or send following form. You will receive access to a management interface of the Virtix customer portal from Cloud4com where you can setup the service. If you require any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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