SAP HANA is a revolutionary platform for applications and real-time analysis of big data. SAP HANA converges database and application platform capabilities into single in-memory system that stores all the data in the server memory (RAM). This system processes information an order of magnitude faster than traditional database system. The main advantage of this solution is not only in the actual processing speed, but also in the fact that thanks to the very fast processing of large amounts of data tasks can now be realized which in traditional solutions took an extremely long time, and hence would not make sense to implement them.

Data processing in real-time opens new opportunities for companies in the use of their data:

  • Real-time analysis - instant analysis of large amounts of data allows for fast and accurate answers to sophisticated business questions and problems. These processes are also known as Big Data Analytics.
  • Real-time applications - the opportunity to create a set of whole new applications leveraging the rapid data processing capabilities, e.g. in logistics, customer behavior tracking, online stores responding in real-time to customer behavior, etc.
  • Real-time platform - in-memory database allowing for creation of novel, non-SAP applications, opening new opportunities for business innovations.

Cloud4com is the first service provider in the region, which offers the opportunity to leverage two trends of today - SAP HANA in-memory platform and cloud infrastructure as a service. Based on the platform built by Cloud4com and leveraging enterprise technologies by Intel, Cisco and Hitachi, we provide our customers with the infrastructure for SAP HANA as a service, tested and certified by SAP. We are able to offer to our customers a ready-made environment with installed SUSE Linux operating system and SAP HANA database.

Customers who are considering the use of SAP HANA for their applications, can now get the required infrastructure in a matter of minutes or hours versus weeks or months, which would be needed in case of purchase of hardware. Cloud flexibility allows the use of the infrastructure for only a limited period time, e.g. in the case of testing, development and implementation of a proof-of-concepts.

Another big advantage of utilizing Cloud infrastructure is the flexibility in adapting infrastructure resources to customer requirements - i.e. option to adjust the size of the system based on the real requirements of specific applications.

Cloud4com customers using the SAP HANA as a service get also other benefits, which brings the virtual private data center (vPDC) provided by Cloud4com:

  • Guaranteed SLA – not only uptime SLA but also performance SLAs
  • High level of security of the entire environment, including the option to store data on encrypted storage or encrypt entire virtual servers with the use of SafeNet ProtectV technology (including the option to keep the encryption keys at customer premises), which brings the maximum security and customer control of stored data
  • Thanks to the integration of Intel TXT technology customers get a guarantee of virtual servers being operated on secure platform, protected against malicious attacks against the server software stack
  • Simple and easy management of the entire vPDC environment via Virtix application
  • Customer support available 24x7x365

Free trial:

We offer customers the opportunity of a free trial of SAP HANA in virtual private data center.

Free trial includes:

  • Design and sizing of the environment together with the customer
  • Provisioning of the infrastructure for SAP HANA
  • Assisted handover to the customer, including the Virtix user interface
  • Support with migration of data to the test environment

After the trial completion customers can:

  • Delete the entire environment without further commitment
  • Migrate data back to the customer’s own infrastructure
  • Transition into production mode with the option of optimizing the environment.


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